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All the EUVC Community events assembled in one place.

We were joined by 543 European VCs for this session with Michel and had a super lively comment thread. So well worth a watch we believe! 👀
Our beloved PR-guru Cathy White will take us through the do's & don'ts of dealing with journalists 📰
596 people joined us for an amazing session.
What a day in Lisbon 🌅. Some of Europe’s hottest up and coming VCs joined us for a day centered around experiences and relationships that last 🤝 And a…
We hosted an exclusive EUVC syndicate dinner for VCs, Angels & LPs at The Grand Mark in Prague at Engaged or Disraptors🤗 People got to experience the…
An evening with great people at a great venue 🥂 And right after our favorite tech conference in Eastern Europe🧑‍💻 And what an evening on the riviera…
1,347 people joined us for a candid fireside chat with Chris to ask all the questions you as a VC would wish LPs would be open up about.
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