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#06 Anna & Noor, Invested

#06 Anna & Noor, Invested

New episode of The Super Angel Podcast is out 🥳

Today we're happy to welcome Anna Brandt and Noor van Boven, two amazing angel investors, co-founders of Invested. They accelerate growth through consulting and investing, being focused on the Future of Work, specifically when Fintech meets HR Tech.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to think about joining forces as angels, what it takes and the superpowers it can give you

  • Why Anna & Noor pick their investments based on the problem the startups target, the disruption they can bring about and the connection, belief and match they have with the founding team

  • How Anna & Noor think about scaling their investment activity and what it takes from them as a team and individuals

  • Reflections on having invested through the boom and the bust cycle

  • How the team think about working with the European Venture ecosystem and to optimize their role in it

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