Aug 16, 2022 • 43M

#100 David & Andreas interviewed by Tom, Affinity

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Andreas Munk Holm✌️
David Cruz e Silva 🎙
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Today's episode marks the 100th episode of The European VC so we’ve shifted things up and turned the tables on your usual hosts. This time, David and Andreas are the interviewees, lifting the covers on the vision behind The European VC and how an incurably optimistic former Danish bodybuilder and over-thinking Portuguese VC protégé ended up betting everything and tying themselves and their families’ fortunes together by the hip. To interview them, nobody better than Tom, Affinity's European Regional Director and one of EUVCs long-standing supporters and friends. Besides that, Tom is a Data and Technology leader with 18 years experience in the European Venture Capital and Private Equity industry. We cannot wait to bring you this story and hope you’ll enjoy hearing a bit more about your usual hosts.

In this episode you’ll learn:

– The vision and origin story of The European VC

– Why angels, VCs and ecosystem champions should connect around LP syndicates

– What’s been learnt from 100 interviews with European VCs and which episodes are the hottest!?

– How the team behind The European VC is working to connect and democratize European VC - and what the pitfalls are.