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#103: Daniel Tomov, 11 Ventures

#103: Daniel Tomov, 11 Ventures

New episode of The European VC podcast is out 🥳

In today's episode you will meet Daniel Tomov, Founding Partner of Eleven Ventures. Daniel is a pioneer in seed investments in South Eastern Europe starting out as a successful entrepreneur and investor in Bulgarian tech, cleantech and consumer retail. Following his passion for building successful companies, he co-founded Eleven together with Ivaylo Simov in 2012.

We first met Daniel at HowToWeb last year and can’t wait to reconnect for this year’s event on the 21st and 22nd of September in Bucharest, Romania. Will we be seeing you there? If so, hit us up as we’ll be doing some fun stuff there 🤫

In this episode you’ll learn:

– Reaching escape velocity and the story behind the name “Eleven Ventures” 👇

– The story of how Eleven Ventures have grown from being a Bulgarian accelerator to fund III of 60M€ covering all of SEE

– Daniel’s eye on the the LP scene in Eastern Europe and where and how it’s developing

– Why Eleven Ventures are investing out of their own pocket to double down on building their value-add platform

– Why emerging managers must be wary with overpromising to founders and why Daniel believes micro-VC need to be mindful of the limitations that model brings with it

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