Aug 30, 2022 • 36M

#104: Gesa Miczaika, Auxxo Female Catalyst Fund

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Today we are happy to introduce you to Gesa, General Partner of Auxxo Female Catalyst Fund and Board Member of the German Startups Association. Auxxo is a venture capital firm co-investing into startups with at least one female founder in Europe. Besides that, Gesa founded the Evangelistas, a network of female business angels with more than 170 members in Germany.

In this episode you’ll learn:

– Gesa’s perspective on the biases for and against female focused funds

– Why Auxxo invests in female founders and how that focus gives Auxxo a competitive advantage in winning competitive deals

– How Auxxo is thinking about their co-invest strategy in the light of the new market

– How Auxxo managed to raise their fund with more than 50% of their LPs being women (in terms of €€ as well headcount)

– How Gesa thinks about firm development, fund II, and what’s in store for Auxxo

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