Sep 5, 2022 • 50M

#105: Omar Almajdouie, Raed Ventures

New episode of The European VC podcast is out 🥳

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This is the second of a four episode long special on the MENA region here at The European VC. This special series focuses on everything MENA VC, bridging the gap with its European counterparts. We intend to shed light on the ins and outs and promote collaboration between these two beautiful regions.

For this special series of episodes we welcome our dear friend and special co-host Mostafa Gado.

And as our guest, we're happy to welcome Omar Almajdouie. He is the founding partner and CEO of Raed Ventures, a Saudi venture capital firm that invests in seed and early stage startups. Raed has invested in more than 40 companies. Omar believed early on that corporations must adapt in order to survive in the digital age, and that tech startups will have a transformative and disruptive impact on the traditional business landscape.

In this episode you’ll learn:

– The founding story of Raed charting the path from family office to CVC to finally become a strictly financial and independent VC

– An insider’s view on VC in MENA and specifically Saudi Arabia - and what’s going on with market there these days?

– How Omar has devised their strategy to double down on the strongest tech hubs in MENA

– Omar’s advice to European managers learning how to navigate geopolitical risk

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