May 4, 2021 • 35M

#11 Pedro Vieira, Shilling Founders Fund

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Andreas Munk Holm✌️
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Pedro Vieira is a founding and managing partner at newly launched Shilling Founders fund. We dive deep with Pedro on everything from raising the fund, how they’ve strategically designed their LP-base for a superior value add to their investment & portfolio management strategy. We also featured Pedro in our 8th episode where we dived deep with him on his time as Europe & Africa Lead at 500 Startups and creator of West to West.

In this episode you’ll learn:

•Why Pedro and Shilling share their profit with founders
•Shilling’s SLA to founders: in thirty days you’ll have money in the bank or a no-go.
•How to handle the pre-seed space as an institutional investor
•How to think about partnering with founders and other VCs for a competitive edge