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#110 Audrey Soussan, Ventech

#110 Audrey Soussan, Ventech

New episode of The European VC podcast is out 🥳

Today we are happy to welcome Audrey Soussan, General Partner at Ventech in its Paris office. The firm is deeply implicated in the evolution and diversity of European tech. Audrey focuses on Product Led Growth, Retail Tech, HR Tech and Marketplaces. She has unique insights on entrepreneurs’ business development, impact investing, and women in tech. She has joined the company since 2011, starting as an analyst and grew all the way through to General Partner.

In this episode you’ll learn:

– All about Audrey’s journey from analyst to partner inside Ventech

– How long term orientation has shaped every part of Audrey’s life and path as a VC

– How Audrey thinks about culture, carry and leadership in VC

– Succession preparation in VC firm-building

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