Oct 31, 2022 • 39M

EUVC #123 Perspectives of LPs and VCs on the current market situation - Engaged

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This is a special EUVC episode straight from the Engaged Investments conference in Prague, hosted by our friends from Depo Ventures. Shout out to Petr who was kind enough to invite us. This is the recording of the panel “Perspective of LPs and VCs on the current market situation” which had the participation of our hosts Andreas and David; Ondřej, general partner at Credo Ventures; Vuk, venture capitalist at RSJ Investments; Michal, managing partner at DEPO Ventures; and Michal, principal at VentureFriends.

In this episode you’ll learn:

– How have the panelists have adapted their thinking and actions to fit the current market situation

– Why Ondrej & Credo chose to bring their fund size down from 100M€ to 75M€ for fund IV & How Vuk as their LP thought about that

– The contrarian theses that the panel holds on how to win big in the current market

– What the panel thinks investors should be most wary of when it comes to investing into VC funds and startups these days

You can also listen on your favorite podcast platforms: linktree.com/theeuropeanvc

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