Dec 15, 2022 • 34M

EUVC #137 Jean Bourcereau, Ventech

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Today we are happy to welcome Jean Bourcereau, President and Managing Partner at Ventech. He has joined the company in 2000, acting as a facilitator of the Partners Committee defining Ventech’s global development strategy and is a veteran driving investments notably in hardware and communications.

In this episode you’ll learn:

- The founding story of Ventech and how it grew out of a large bank

- Why Jean and Ventech said no to 150M€ from a single LP but rather built a diversified LP base

- The importance of having a solid shareholder agreement in place when there’s a cornerstone LP with big impact on the fund

- Jean’s thoughts around the concept of CLPs vs CVCs

- Why Ventech grew to China rather than the US & the centrality of being an active and relevant dealmaker in the region

- How and why Ventech has expanded via a distributed partnership model

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