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EUVC #138 Enis Hulli and Kaan Eren, 500 EE

EUVC #138 Enis Hulli and Kaan Eren, 500 EE

New episode of The European VC podcast is out 🥳

Today we are happy to welcome Enis and Kaan, General Partner and Investor at 500 Emerging Europe, who the EUVC syndicate is investing into. In this episode, we dive deep on their recent rebrand from 500 Istanbul to 500 Emerging Europe, their emerging talent thesis and the value chain drift that’s causing emerging Europe to be such an overlooked opportunity. It was an absolute pleasure to meet up with the guys at How To Web and experience exactly how hot the ecosystem and the support for what Enis is building is.

In this episode you’ll learn:

– How to think about growing a 10M€ fund I to a 70M€ fund II

– Why brand is the only competitive advantage in VC and how to build it

– The 500 Emerging Europe Talent thesis & it’s connection to the value chain drift that 500 is leveraging

– How Enis thinks about building a truly sustaining firm that may rise to dominance

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