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EUVC #139 Sasha Kaletsky, Creator Ventures

EUVC #139 Sasha Kaletsky, Creator Ventures

New episode of The European VC podcast is out 🥳

Today we are happy to welcome Sasha Kaletsky, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Creator Ventures, a firm that invests and collaborates with content creators. This year they closed their first $20m fund, to invest globally in early-stage companies innovating in consumer-internet.
Together with his partner Caspar Lee, Co-Founder of, a content creator with an audience of over 10 million across social channels, they help founders navigate the social media and influencer marketing landscape.

In this episode you’ll learn:

- All about how Creator Ventures leverages a strong network of celebrity co-investors

- Why Sasha has opted for a model with celebrity co-investors rather than celebrity LPs

- The direct & indirect value-add of celebrities, influencers & athletes for founders as well as VCs

- What Sasha’s advice to other emerging managers is and why quality LP updates are high on his agenda

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