Jun 10, 2021 • 24M

#14 Chris Smith, Playfair Capital, pt 1

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Chris Smith is the managing partner at Playfair Capital where he focuses on seed (and pre-seed) deals in the UK, Europe and Israel. Chris is particularly interested in autonomous transportation, business and industrial automation (especially through AI, ML and computer vision), HealthTech (except diagnostics and therapeutics) and B2B SaaS. But what gets Chris truly excited is when he can find companies operating in unloved/overlooked sectors that are ripe for disruption.

In this episode you’ll learn:
•The impact of being a 1-LP fund & how Playfair brings their heart with them into VC.
•Strategies for VCs and founders to win in the current bull market
•Why globally distributed teams are more resilient than traditional businesses
•The post-COVID effects on deal sourcing strategy and VC operations
•How PlayFair thinks about value add as a hands-on pre-seed & seed investor