Jan 5 • 44M

EUVC #143 Chris Wade, Isomer - Part 2

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Today we are happy to welcome one of Europe's true OG LPs: Chris Wade, co-founding Partner of Isomer Capital. With an extensive career as a founder, startup mentor and LP with more than 50 Venture fund investments under his belt, Chris is a guy you should want to know. At Isomer, Chris co-leads their fund investments and leads their co-investment program - and has a weekly section in the EUVC newsletter where he shares his perspectives and learnings from the week gone by. Tune in for the second of a two-part episode where we reflect on the year that has gone by and predict what is in stock for 2023.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why Chris believes 2022 was a year of landmark achievements in technology that we should all remember and why perseverance and necessity are key to innovation

  • Why 2022 was also a year of tears, how Chris thinks about the war in Ukraine and it’s impact on society and venture capital

  • What gives Chris hope going into the year of 2023

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