Jan 10 • 41M

EUVC #144 Fridtjof Berge, Antler

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Today we are happy to welcome Fridtjof Berge, Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of Antler, a startup generator and early-stage venture capital firm. Fridtjof works with a global team dedicated to developing the next generation of world-changing technology companies. He oversees external activities across the firm globally and serves as a member on its investment committees.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The founding story of Antler, where the name came from & where the team drew inspiration from

  • Why and how Fridtjof and the team built a rapidly scaled global VC firm

  • The Antler GP Talent Thesis

  • How Antler thinks about marrying local and global and the role of process and systems in doing so efficiently

  • How Antler thinks about building GP teams for new locations

  • Why Antler launched out of Singapore

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