Jun 15, 2021 • 36M

#15 Ryan Floyd, Storm Ventures

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Ryan Floyd is a Founding Managing Director of Storm Ventures based in Silicon Valley but investing globally. He focuses on early stage enterprise SaaS and has a true love for applications and cloud/infrastructure related companies. Ryan is dedicated to making VC more accessible and is doing important work on this via his YouTube channel Ask A VC. In this episode we put the spotlight on how to think about startup advisors and strategies for breaking into VC.

In this episode you’ll learn:
• The role of advisors and how to use them best in building success
• How to think about compensation for advisors
• What skills are most important in a venture investor and how to build and prove it
• Strategies for breaking into venture, including shadow portfolios and angel investing
• How Storm Ventures think about go-to-market strategies for early stage companies