Feb 14 • 44M

#154 Diana Florescu, mediaforgrowth & Piyush Puri, Brand Capital International

New episode of The European VC podcast is out 🥳

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Today we are happy to welcome Diana Florescu and Piyush Puri. Diana is the CEO and Founder of mediaforgrowth, a media for equity advisory firm, specialised in Series A to pre-IPO media capital fundraising. Piyush leads the Brand Capital International team in Silicon Valley as Vice President of BWI, the strategic investment arm of The Times Group – India’s largest multimedia conglomerate.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How media for equity came to existence as a category of venture investing and why media companies are increasingly active in the space

  • The story of Times Group of India and it’s journey to investing media capital in more than 900 brands over the last 18 years

  • What the typical media for equity deal looks like and how media is priced in such deals

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