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#159 Siim Teller, Lemonade Stand

#159 Siim Teller, Lemonade Stand

On investing as an FO, the limitations of solo GPs and the Baltic ecosystem

Today we are happy to welcome Siim Teller, Founder and General Partner of Lemonade Stand. After 20 years growing products in a number of startups (most notably at Skype) in Tallinn, London and Berlin, Siim set up Lemonade Stand in 2019 to invest in early stage Baltic and East European startups. Lately he has been looking for AI and Machine Learning applied to boring business problems.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • A deep dive on the Baltic ecosystem and the VCs to know in the region

  • Family Office motivations to do venture and how Siim used LP investments to guard against adverse selection

  • Reflections on the limitations of the solo GP model

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