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#170 Miguel Pinho, Seedcamp - Part II

#170 Miguel Pinho, Seedcamp - Part II

New episode of The European VC podcast is out 🥳

This is the second part of Miguel's episode. Today we will explore the common misconceptions about the VC techstack and check his top tips for emerging VCs building their techstack. Miguel is the head of technology at Seedcamp, the European seed fund launched in 2007 that helps European entrepreneurs to compete on a global scale. He works on internal and public-facing projects ensuring they leverage the right tool suite to continue to identify, invest and support the most exciting companies out there.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why following the herd and FOMO is the worst, yet one of the most pervasive way to select tools for your VC tech stack

  • Why Airtable is an absolute power tool for VCs and Miguel’s perspectives on leveraging it’s power

  • Why Miguel believes there’s too little deep thinking about the VC tech stack and too many looking for a magic bullet rather than making the effort to build their own path

  • How to think about the organizational development to leverage the power of data and tech as a VC - when to hire a Miguel!? Should you even?

  • How Miguel thinks about the trend of data driven VC and if it’s more than just big words

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