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#19 Lara Koole, Carbon Equity, pt 1

#19 Lara Koole, Carbon Equity, pt 1

Lara Koole is the co-founder of Carbon Equity, the first global alternative climate investment platform and one of the most ambitious attempts to democratize access to VC investing. Lara is also a former partner of Phillips Ventures where she set up their Corporate Venture fund, doing both direct investments and Fund investments.
Lara and her team have just closed their first financing round and are in the midst of building their first Fund of Funds-feeder fund. In this first part of our talk, Lara takes us behind the scenes of Carbon Equity and to how they’re changing the way VC works.
In this episode you’ll learn:
-How Lara and her team are unleashing the power of VC to tackle climate change
-How retail investors are going to be able to invest in VC through Carbon Equity
-Why and how the VC model is adapted by Carbon Equity, including a “no carry” policy (!)
-Perspectives on Feeder Funds and why Carbon Equity are using them