Dec 29, 2020 • 36M

#2 Stephan Morais, Indico Capital Partners

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Andreas Munk Holm✌️
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Episode 2 features Stephan Morais, founder and Managing Partner of Indico Capital Partners, a leading early-stage deep tech VC firm based in Portugal. With a diversified background as an investment banker, consultant, entrepreneur and CEO, he has lived in 8 countries and 4 continents over the last 24 years, and acted as and advisor to politicians and pan-European institutions. Prior to founding Indico, Stephan was an Executive Board Member at Caixa Capital, where he led investment rounds of many Portuguese global tech success stories.

**In this episode, you’ll learn**

– How Stephan tackled raising a VC fund and what to should look for in LPs

– How European VCs can push for policy developments that allow for more capital to be deployed into VC

– What Europe can learn from other countries and regions

– What learnings Stephan has drawn from running an iberian fund vs a single-country fund