Aug 13, 2021 • 38M

#21 Vinoth Jayakumar, Draper Esprit

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Andreas Munk Holm✌️
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Vinoth Jayakumar is a Partner at Draper Esprit - one of Europe's very few publicly listed VC firms. They were first founded in 2006 and now manage more than a billion euros, they've made more than 125 investments and have created more than 5 billion in returns for their investors. At Draper Esprit, Vinoth focuses on the future of finance, Insurance, fintech, proptech and cybersecurity. He's interested in all of it, but what gets him truly excited is companies that aren't afraid of targeting the whole stack of financial products and services. No easy pickings for Vinoth.

In this episode you’ll learn:

- The anatomy of Draper Esprit, why they IPO’d their fund and the benefits it brings

- Why Draper Esprit’s investment strategy includes a FoF & secondaries focus

- Vinoth’s take on the recent changes in the European VC market

- Why ESG is more than a box ticking exercise to Vinoth and how to work with portfolio companies on it.