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#22 Cyrus Shey, Bregal Milestone

#22 Cyrus Shey, Bregal Milestone

Cyrus Shey is the managing partner of Bregal Milestone, a 500 M€ growth fund investing all across Europe. Bregal Milestone pioneers a sourcing strategy focused on people, process and technology that allows them to engage nearly 100 companies weekly & has resulted in Bregal having closed all deals without a competitive process. Bregal Milestone stands out as a value-add investor with a hands-on team that Cyrus refers to as both a SWAT-team and in-house M&A department.

In this episode you’ll learn:
– The differences between the EU and US growth-stage markets
– The benefits of raising a fund embedded in an established investment firm
– Bregal Milestone’s use of data to create a competitive advantage
– Bregal Milestone’s endemic diversity and how that helps scale-ups grow in Europe
– M&A as a core tactic to fast-track European expansion.