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#27 Kjartan Rist, Concentric

#27 Kjartan Rist, Concentric

Kjartan Rist is the founder and managing partner of Concentric, a UK/Denmark based Seed+ and Beyond fund focusing on B2B and B2B2C startups building software companies solving nontrivial problems in traditional sectors. Kjartan has been in VC for 20 years so naturally, we dive deep with him on how the European startup & VC scene has changed over the last two decades as well as his firm, his thesis and his vehement belief in being a hands-on investor.

In this episode, you’ll learn:
- How the European VC scene has changed over the last 20 years & why the perception of Spaniards being on siesta and the French on strike no longer applies to Europe.

- Why the best founders are like cockroaches and what's underlying the current growth in European entrepreneurship

- Why Kjartan hunts for startups that solve non-trivial problems in traditional sectors

- What's causing the funding gap in seed+ to series B and how Kjartan & Concentric delivers value to founders in this space