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#3 Michael Hansen, DanBAN

#3 Michael Hansen, DanBAN

Episode 3 features Michael Hansen, the CEO of DanBAN, Denmark's leading Business Angel Association. DanBAN consist of more than 200 active Angels who collectively invest in more than 30 M€ on an annual basis. Prior to joining DanBAN, Michael was the chief architect behind the sprawling investment environment around the Danish Robotics Cluster which is broadly recognized as one of the very strongest clusters for Robotics companies in Europe, if not the world.

**In this episode, you will learn from a true investment cluster builder**

- The importance of politicians making brave strategic decisions in promoting cluster development.
- The story of the Danish Robotics Cluster, the cluster in which the first collaborative robots were hatched by Universal Robots, with two acquisitions at a joint valuation of nearly 1 billion EUR.
- How to work with national clusters to generate deal flow and fast track deals.
- Collaboration models between Business Angels and VCs.