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#35 Jeroen van Doornik, Rabo Frontier Ventures

#35 Jeroen van Doornik, Rabo Frontier Ventures

Jeroen van Doornik is the managing partner of Rabo Frontier Ventures, a €200M FoF and co-investment fund with Rabobank as the sole LP. With Rabo, Jeroen leverages his unique access to tier-1 VCs like: Balderton Capital, NorthZone, HV Capital, Speedinvest, and Seed Camp as well as his ability to identify and move quickly on co-investment opportunities in breakaway portfolio companies.

Prior to joining Rabobank Frontier Ventures, @Jeroen was an investment director at the VC firm StartGreen Capital, managing its €250m venture fund providing equity, debt and project finance. He has also held investing roles at growth stage tech investment firms in energy, mobility and software and has founded a motorsports startup for eight years after a four-and-a-half-year stint at Accenture.

In this episode you'll learn:
- How Jeroen has built his investment strategy around co-investing with European tier-1 VC firms
- Why Jeroen believes venture is all about access & speed - for VCs as well as LPs.
- What Jeroen believes are the defining characteristics of good VC firms and what mistakes he sees GPs do too often
- What gets Jeroen excited about a VC