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#36 Enis Hulli, 500 Istanbul

#36 Enis Hulli, 500 Istanbul

Enis Hulli is General Partner of 500 Istanbul. Enis has founded and manages the best performing fund in the 500 Global fund family. In this episode, we're diving deep with Enis on his experience founding a 500-fund and how he has grown it from 10 to 50 M€ and exactly what Enis believes is his secret behind his fund's stellar performance.

We're of course also getting into Enis' views on the potential of the Turkish and Central & Eastern European ecosystems and his super intense approach to deal sourcing requiring all on his team - including the CFO - to source deals 50% of the time.

In this episode you’ll learn:
- How the 500 Global fund origination scheme enabled Enis to rapidly advance up the learning curve when he launched his first fund
- How Enis has built out his fund, firm and strategy from 10M€ in Fund I to 50M€ in fund II
- All about the Turkish VC & Startup landscape and how Enis thinks about winning deals by always having a prepared mind and executing with incredible speed
- Enis thinking around portfolio mix and price sensitivity and how it has changed over the last few years.
- Why Enis doesn't want more inbound and everyone at 500 Istanbul must dedicate at least half of their time to deal sourcing