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#37 Oliver Holle, SpeedInvest

#37 Oliver Holle, SpeedInvest

Oliver Holle is the founder and managing partner of Speedinvest with a whopping 600M€ AUM. We're diving deep into Oliver's investment strategy, his thinking behind vertically focused teams, talent development, the state of the current market and what's next for Speedinvest. All in all, an episode packed with learnings for anyone aiming to build a true VC franchise that's recognized and sought after by founders all across Europe.

In this episode you'll learn:
- The origin story of Speedinvest & how Oliver’s thinking has evolved as he has grown the firm from 10M€ AUM in fund 1 to now 600M€.
- Oliver’s take on the current market, why he’s bullish on the future of VC & why there’s plenty room for growth
- How Oliver thinks about firm brand, talent development and incentives with the firm
- Oliver’s reflections on portfolio construction – everything from stage, ownership targets, price sensitivity, etc!
- Why Oliver believes in the value of the Platform VC and how he thinks about building it