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#44 Al Ramadan, PlayBigger

#44 Al Ramadan, PlayBigger

We're joined by the famed Al Ramadan, author of the seminal book “Play bigger: how pirates dreamers and innovators create and dominate markets” which first introduced Category Design to the world. The book has since sold more than one hundred thousand copies and been heralded by people like Marc Benioff of SalesForce and Jim Goetz of Sequoia. We’re diving deep on category design, how it has evolved since inception in 2016 and how it’s being applied by forward thinking VCs throughout Silicon Valley and the world.

In this episode you’ll learn:

– What is Category Design and why it’s so central to creating the major outcomes we’re all chasing in VC

- What Al Ramadan would wish he had done differently when first launching the book and category of “category design”

- How some of the best VCs employ category design in their work with startups

- What’s next for the category of “category design” and what we should be keeping our eyes peeled for.