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#48 Sebastian Mallaby, The Power Law

#48 Sebastian Mallaby, The Power Law

The Power Law by Sebastian Mallaby has been capturing headlines in the VC community lately. We sat down with him at The European VC to dive into his book and shed light on some of the stand-out quotes and stories from the book. If you love VC, you’ll love this book (and hopefully also our interview with Sebastian 🤣)

**Join us to learn the story behind the quotes:**

Vinod Khosla: Most people think improbable ideas are unimportant. The only thing that’s important is something that’s improbable.

Matt Clifford: Silicon Valley is gripped by the cult of the individual. But those individuals represent the triumph of the network.

Michael Moritz, Sequoia: The great challenge at venture partnerships is that the principals must refrain from killing each other.

Paul Graham, Y Combinator: Spend as little as you can, because every dollar of the investor’s money you get will be taken out of your ass.

Andy Grove, Intel: John [Doerr], venture capital, that’s not a real job. It’s like being a real estate