Feb 15, 2022 • 41M

#49 Cristobal Alonso, Startup Wiseguys

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Andreas Munk Holm✌️
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Episode #49: Cristobal Alonso, Startup Wiseguys

Today, we're happy to introduce you to Cristobal Alonso, founder and CEO of Startup Wiseguys, one of Europe’s leading and ambitious B2B accelerators. Cristobal and his team have made more than 180 investments into early-stage SaaS, Sustainability CyberSecurity, and Fintech B2B startups and are set to scale their accelerator model in globally in the coming years. Welcome to an episode packed with Cristobal’s knock-out energy and bold thinking.

In this episode you'll learn:

- How Startup Wiseguys contrast to YC, Tech Stars and Startupbootcamp
- How Cristobal leverages the accelerator model to hack VC and employ a contrarian investment strategy involving bagging early wins at Series A.
- How Cristobal thinks about building a culture and org that can grow to become “YC of the rest of the world”
- Why the legal team is loved by founders, what the secret is behind getting to an 80% survival rate in the accelerator portfolio and what has got Startup Wise Guys to a 50% follow-on rate.
- Most importantly, where and when the Startup Wiseguys Party will be this coming year