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#50 Finn Murphy, Frontline

#50 Finn Murphy, Frontline

Meet Finn Murphy, newly-named GP at Frontline Ventures, one of Europe’s leading B2B Enterprise VC firms. Finn is a true “Product-&-Growth-Marketing-Person” turned VC - Looking to find and help grow the best new business ideas in Europe & the US. As a teenager, Finn wanted to be a professional ocean racer after which he went on to ace Engineering & Maths at Trinity College, then start a series of startups and finally go into VC with Frontline Ventures.

In this episode you’ll learn:

- Finn’s journey and learnings with Frontline drawing key lessons for VCs aspiring to make partner
- How Finn and Frontline adapted to the bull market that has been characterising the last few years and extenuated during Covid.
- How Finn thinks about collaboration in VC, how to foster it with fellow co-investors and his analysis of why collaboration seems to come and go as markets go up and down
- Why being a junior in the industry can actually be a strength and why you should remember that your relationships are yours, not your fund's... until you make partner that is.