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#52 Claus Rehfeld, Business Angel

#52 Claus Rehfeld, Business Angel

Claus Rehfeld is a Danish Business Angel with a unique thesis around health tech and some strong contrarian perspectives. Claus sold his company that did business intelligence for the health care sector in 2018 and has since made 8 investments. Join us for an episode that’s certain to lift your mood.

In this episode, you'll learn:

- Why the Nordics is a perfect sandbox for VCs in HealthTech and a deep dive on importance of collaboration between hospitals, universities and the tech world.
- The primacy of data in the future of health care and why many VCs struggle to capture the opportunity it holds
- Why HealthTech should be perceived as distinct from from biotech, medtech, and digitalhealth
- What’s behind the quote “founders want the glamour of startups, but not the sweat and tears” and how Claus thinks about investing and mentoring early stage founders.