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#55 Sean Seton-Rogers, PROfounders Capital

#55 Sean Seton-Rogers, PROfounders Capital

Today we’re hyped to be introducing you to Sean Seton-Rogers, Partner and co-founder of PROfounders Capital. PROfounders invests 500k to 2M$ tickets into young digital startups that fix broken customer experiences. They’ve supported and invested in [](, GetYourGuide, Unity/Applifier, Small Giant Games, and others. Sean also happens to be a recurring name on the Forbes Midas list, so if you need more than our validation that he’s worth taking cues from, there you go.

In this episode you’ll learn:

- How Sean has built pro-founders as a pan-European fund from day-1 and it’s impact on their operations
- How Sean thinks about the entry of the bigger American VC firms in Europe
- What’s the thinking, strategy and tactics behind PROfounders PROmoter strategy to source and win deals across Europe
- Sean’s take on different scout models and learnings from himself as well as the market.