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#56 Matthew Le Merle, Blockchain co-investors

#56 Matthew Le Merle, Blockchain co-investors

The 56th episode of The European VC is out and we’re talking to Matthew Le Merle, co-founder & managing partner of Blockchain co-investors, a blockchain FoF investing in the leading pure-play blockchain VCs and managing partner of Keiretsu - one of the biggest and most active angel networks in the world.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

- Learnings on community building from building Keiretsu up to have global coverage and be one of the premier global angel clubs.
- How Keiretsu collaborates with VCs and how Matthew has taken that to the next level with his blockchain co-investors’ fund.
- What led Matthew to founding Blockchain co-investors, what they’re looking for in VCs and how they pick them.
- Why Matthew believes specialization is coming for the blockchain investment landscape and how he pursues this thesis
- Exactly what are the key learnings from Matthew’s book “The Fifth Era” and what it means to VCs