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#58 Vlad Tropko, Digital Horizon VC

#58 Vlad Tropko, Digital Horizon VC

Today we’re excited to introduce you to Vlad Tropko, Partner of Digital Horizon, a multi-stage VC fund investing in immigrant founders globally but with a special focus on Europe. Vlad is a seasoned VC/PE executive with over 15 years of experience investing in European and American startups. Vlad has closed more than 50 deals and is an active member of international VC communities like On Deck, 2hearts, and Alma Angels.

In this episode you’ll learn

- How Vlad with both Ukranian and Russian heritage thinks & reacts to the current geopolitical developments

- How Vlad and his team have used late stage deals to hack traction with LPs

- Why Vlad and Digital Horizon have built their thesis around backing immigrant founders and how that gives them an edge