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#63 The Memo - Acrobator Ventures, Joachim Laqueur & Mike Reiner

#63 The Memo - Acrobator Ventures, Joachim Laqueur & Mike Reiner

With this special memo episode we’re launching the 3rd investment opportunity in the EU🔵VC Investment Club 👉 As always we dive deep with the GP team going through all the specifics of their fund - investment thesis, strategy, team, track record, deal flow, value add, etc. 🕵️‍♀️

The TL:DR just for you is 👇

Acrobator Ventures is an operator-led fund backing Eastern founders building global software companies. Focus is on arbitrage opportunities in data heavy B2B pre-seed/seed companies sourced by a combination of proprietary tech & insider networks in the tight-knit Eastern diaspora tech founder communities.

The mix between operator experience and AI-expertise, allows the team to be a constructive partner and earn the trust of founding teams quickly which grants the team unparalleled access to these initially undervalued, yet proven unicorn builders.

The team has an absolutely sick track-record of 70+ investments over more than 15 years in the Baltics/CEE/CIS-region yielding a double digit DPI and TVPI from another world [won’t spoil the fun here! You’ll have to listen to the episode or join our investment club to get those details 🤐 !] Suffice it to say that pitchbook rated Acrobator as the #2 Dutch fund by IRR in 2021 📈

We love their investment strategy focusing on early access by allocating significant capital to acquire defendable entry ownership positions in target startups and retaining relevance across stages by allocating super-pro-rata rights via SPVs for the LP-base. Backed by institutional LPs, the fund has been actively investing through the fundraise with called capital already marked-up significantly.

Intrigued? Join us in backing this amazing team in the EU🔵VC Investment Club at ✊ We’re always looking for new amazing operator LPs to join our syndicates 💪 Minimum commit at 1k€ 💸