Mar 9, 2021 • 24M

#7 Andrés Dancausa, The Venture City

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Andreas Munk Holm✌️
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Andrés Dancausa is EMEA Partner at The Venture City. The Venture City helps diverse founders achieve global impact through a unique model bringing together a product-led acceleration program and an early stage venture capital fund Head Quartered in Madrid, Spain but operating all around the globe. Andrés is a true operator turned investor, a friend of founders for his constant readiness and good advice. Something you’ll surely experience throughout the episode.

** In this episode you will learn **

• Why Andrés thinks diversity is imperative for generating VC & LP returns.
• How Andrés and TVC build with a true operator mindset.
• What TVC, as a truly globally diverse VC firm, brings to its founders.
• What product-led growth is and why it’s part of their secret sauce.