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#70 David Ventzel, Accelerace Invest & Overkill Ventures

#70 David Ventzel, Accelerace Invest & Overkill Ventures

Today, we're happy to introduce you to David Ventzel, formerly a founder and the GP of not one, but TWO VC funds, Accelerace Invest and Overkill Ventures 👏 In this episode, we dive deep on Accelerace Invest, being the pre-seed fund backing Denmark’s leading startup accelerators’ amazing alumni. Accelerace has helped spawn more than 800 Danish and international startups and David’s learnings from being an integral part of the team cannot be overstated.

🚨 Do tune in for one of the best “breaking into venture”-stories on the pod so far 😍 and an amazing walk-through of David’s framework for diligencing founding teams pre-traction.

In this episode you’ll learn:

- How David has transitioned from being a founder to a VC and key learnings from going through this - including how to build a GP team that can complement each other.
- Key learnings from having accelerated >800 startups and all about the “Accelerace Invest Framework” distinguishing between entry criteria and the excellence criteria of Impact, Smartness, Leadership and Crazy.
- The importance of having original insight and the difference between investing in beta and alpha growth.
- All about the “momentum-framework” and how to track progress in startups pre-revenue.