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#8 Pedro Vieira, 500 startups

#8 Pedro Vieira, 500 startups

Pedro Vieira is Europe & Africa Lead at 500 Startups where he is working with governments in building up their ecosystems and training & aligning all relevant stakeholders. Pedro is a scientist, turned founder, turned investor, with deep experience in the tech world. He is also the creator of West to West, a not-for-profit that helps create and support a thriving environment for Portuguese entrepreneurship in the San Francisco Bay Area.

** In this episode you will learn **

• The contrasting characteristics of the European and US ecosystems from the perspective of someone connecting the West Coasts of these two geographies.
• The differing profiles of European and American founders.
• How 500 startups creates synergies to help countries across Europe build stronger and more robust innovation ecosystems.
• The value perceived by LPs in aligning and training all stakeholders of the thing