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#90 Alex Santos, Chamaeleon

#90 Alex Santos, Chamaeleon

Today we’re talking to Alex Santos, founding partner of Chamaeleon, an early stage fund based in Silicon Valley doing first checks between 1 and 5 million primarily in the US and Europe but can invest globally. Chamaeleon invest on the basis of a thesis revolving around product-led companies, with technology differentiation and clear end-user flows that the team can test.

Alex is an experienced investor and operational handler having spent 15 years in telco and tech and 6 years as an angel & VC. Alex has also co-founded the Portuguese corporate venture builder studio Bright Pixel.

In this episode you'll learn:
- How to raise successfully from corporates and use them actively afterwards
- How Alex and his team have innovated on the LP value add model
- Why Alex never reached out to FoFs and large institutional investors
- A sneak peek into Chamaeleon's quant and tech stack strategy