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#97 Anthony Danon, Cocoa Capital

#97 Anthony Danon, Cocoa Capital

In today's episode, we're talking to Anthony Danon, co-founder of Cocoa, one of the hottest emerging managers in Europe these days pioneering a strategy of being VCs turned angels. Cocoa are deliberately small (17 M€ and nearly 3x oversubscribed). They are backed by some of Europe's top decacorn and unicorn founders. Prior to launching Cocoa, Anthony has been with Anthemis and Speedinvest and his partner Carmen Alfonso Rico with Samaipata and Blossom. They’ve both led high-profiled investments into companies like Hopin, TrueLayer, Primer, Wayflyer, Tide, and many more.

In this episode you’ll learn:

– The investment thesis of being VCs turned angels and Anthony’s reflections on the rise of micro funds

– The fundraising tactics and narrative excellence that allowed Cocoa to close their fund in record time and heavily oversubscribed

– Why Cocoa said no to VC money in their LP base and prioritized founders and operators

– How Anthony thinks about the current market and the need to adapt as VCs