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#99 Jamie Macfarlane, Creator Fund

#99 Jamie Macfarlane, Creator Fund

Today we are happy to welcome Jamie, CEO and Founder of Creator Fund - Europe’s leading university student focused fund. Jamie launched the fund in 2019 and has since grown its presence to more than 25 UK universities. The inspiration for the model came from his time at Stanford where he was an investor at Dorm Room Fund. Jamie is a true thought leader in the space and is leading the charge pioneering a new generation of funds that we expect to see from in the future! Buckle up, ‘cos Jamie is going places - fast.

In this episode you’ll learn:

– Why the Creator Fund is investing in top European universities and the new founder's profile coming out of those academic environments

– Their strategy of not just backing great founders but supporting a generation of student investors, leaders and technology talent

– How can phD founders have more ownership of the IP in their universities with Creator's alternative negotiations

– Why transparency is a key value on a VC's relationship with its LPs