Acing LP Relationships

965 joined us for yesterday's roundtable on acing LP relationships - in case you missed it, rewatch it here or listen on spotify/apple.

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Whether you're navigating the complexities of LP expectations, leveraging digital tools for onboarding, or aiming to strengthen trust and transparency, this roundtable covers it all. Watch it here or add it to your episodes on Apple or Spotify.

Our esteemed speakers:

What You Will Learn:

  • Key strategies for VCs to effectively manage and nurture relationships with LPs.

  • Insights into the expectations and preferences of LPs in their partnerships with VCs.

  • The importance of transparency, communication, and alignment of interests in LP-VC relations.

  • Innovative tools and services that can facilitate stronger LP-VC connections.

  • Real-world experiences and lessons from leading professionals in the field.

Brought to you in collaboration with bunch

Being the operating system for private markets, bunch goes beyond the ordinary, reshaping the investment experience by digitising every aspect of the investment process from onboarding to reporting & compliance. They focus on elevating the quality of GP-LP relationships and are trusted by over 1,500 customers who have invested more than €950 million through the platform. Join us if you are interested in exploring how cutting-edge technologies can transform your LP experience.

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