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Angel investing insights with Eva Spannagl, co-founder & Managing Director of Climatos

Join us for a new inspiring conversation on angel investing and building things that matter.

Join us as Tom Wilson from Seedcamp and Anthony Danon from Cocoa talk to Eva Spannagl, co-founder & Managing Director of Climatos.

Eva is a builder. She loves to build things and see their outcomes come to life, and she loves to work with people who are building something great.

Previously, Eva has worked at McKinsey and Moss, an early-stage FinTech startup from Berlin. Now, Eva is leading Climatos, a company that builds mini solar panels for urban spaces while nurturing her passion for angel investing.

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  • 00:48 Eva's Journey from Consulting to Angel Investing

  • 03:04 Eva's First Investment Story

  • 03:55 The Motivation Behind Becoming an Angel Investor

  • 05:25 Eva's Approach to Angel Investing

  • 05:32 Memorable Deals and the Impact of Angel Investing

  • 08:52 Eva's Investment Thesis and Strategy

  • 11:03 Portfolio Diversification and Founder Support

  • 18:46 The Value of Collaboration with VCs and the Angel Community

  • 22:05 Core Learnings from Angel Investing

  • 26:42 Testing for Founder Drive and Attitude

Insights from Eva's Journey in Angel Investing

  1. Embracing Diversity in Angel Investing

    • Venture into angel investing regardless of your background. Overcoming stereotypes opens the door for a richer, more diverse investment landscape. Diversity brings fresh perspectives and innovation to the forefront, enriching the ecosystem with a variety of viewpoints and experiences.

  2. Strategic Beginnings: Small Investments, Big Impact

    • Initiate your angel investing journey with manageable investments. This approach mitigates risk and allows for a valuable learning curve. It's not the size of the investment but the strategic intent behind it that counts, making even small investments potentially impactful.

  3. Beyond Capital: The True Value of Angel Investing

    • The most significant contribution an angel investor can make goes beyond financial input. Experience, networks, and insights offer tangible value, positioning the investor as a vital growth partner rather than just a funding source.

  4. Lifelong Learning: The Heart of Angel Investing

    • Engaging in angel investing is as much about acquiring knowledge as it is about financial gains. The continuous exchange of insights with peers and startups refines investing acumen, underscoring the importance of a commitment to lifelong learning.

  5. Investing in People: The Key to Startup Success

    • The success of a startup often hinges on the qualities of its team. Attributes such as drive, humility, and adaptability are critical indicators of potential success, often more so than the product or service itself.

  6. Understanding Illiquidity: A Patient Approach to Investing

    • Angel investments are inherently long-term and illiquid. Recognizing and accepting this reality is crucial for aligning investment strategies with the long-term nature of startup growth and success.

  7. Intuition in Investment Decisions: Trusting Your Gut

    • Data and thorough analysis are indispensable, yet the role of intuition in investment decisions cannot be overstated. The most effective decisions often result from a combination of careful analysis and instinctual judgment.

  8. Championing Diversity: A Call to Action

    • The angel investing community benefits immensely from increased diversity. An inclusive approach to investing not only fosters innovation but also ensures a wide array of challenges are addressed, enhancing the ecosystem's overall resilience and creativity.

  9. The Broader Returns of Angel Investing

    • Beyond financial returns, angel investing offers the satisfaction of sharing knowledge, building networks, and contributing to the success stories of the future. This broader perspective on returns highlights the non-monetary value of angel investments.

  10. Clarifying Your Unique Value Proposition

  • Understanding and communicating the distinct advantages one brings to a startup is essential. Whether it's sector expertise, operational experience, or strategic connections, clarifying this unique value proposition enhances an investor's contribution to a startup's growth.

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