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EUVC #150 Rune & Andreas, Ugly Duckling Ventures

EUVC #150 Rune & Andreas, Ugly Duckling Ventures

New episode of The European VC podcast is out 🥳

Today we are happy to welcome Rune Hven-Jensen and Andreas Green Rasmussen, Co-Founders and General Partners of Ugly Duckling Ventures, a VC firm that invests in Nordic companies at the pre-seed, seed and early stages, currently raising their first fund and about to announce their closing.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How they pivoted their raise from the tech ecosystem to family offices

  • Raising through the best and the worst time possible to raise a fund

  • The rationale behind allocating 75% of their fund to follow-ons

  • Why the team targets the layer just below the consensus layer of normal VC and how this led an LP to refer to Ugly Duckling as “the PE firm of VC”

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