Sep 11 • 51M

EUVC #215 Niels Fritze, Scale Invest

Family Office perspectives on the market, investing in venture, fees, efficient deployment, co-investing and much more!

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Today we are happy to welcome Niels Fritze, Head of Scale Invest, a young Single Family Office, where he oversees all aspects of the family's financial affairs, including investment management, estate planning, and wealth preservation.

Niels utilizes his expertise in financial analysis, risk management, and strategic decision-making to optimize the family's wealth and ensure their long-term financial security.

Jump to the parts that matter to you 🎧 and watch the highlights below 👀

00:00:00 - European VC on Marc Penkala’s Rooftop Terrace
00:02:26 - Transitioning to a Family Wealth Management
00:05:25 - The Black Swan Year and Market Uncertainty
00:07:18 - Diversifying Your Portfolio with Alternative Assets
00:09:13 - The Popularity of Alternative Investments in the US
00:11:18 - Family Offices and VC Investment
00:14:23 - Understanding Family Office Investment Approaches
00:16:54 - The Benefits of Slow and Steady Growth in Startups
00:19:07 - The Importance of Deploying Capital Efficiently
00:22:17 - The Role of Fees in VC Fund Investing
00:23:42 - Assessing the Return on Capital Efficiency in Family Offices
00:28:23 - Commitment to Impact Investments
00:30:00 - Active vs Passive Investment Strategies
00:36:01 - The Importance of Brand Building in the Family Office Space
00:36:57 - Co-investment Opportunities and the LP Perspective
00:40:06 - Family offices vs venture capitalists
00:45:18 - Lessons Learned from LP Investing
00:46:45 - Quickfire Round and Tips for Emerging VCs

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Niels’ Journey into Venture

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Niels taking a stance

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Diving deep on Family Office investing in Venture

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Niels’ shout-out to Jan Voss from Cape May West 💌

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Niels’ Three Biggest Learnings

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🔫 The Quickfire Round 🔫

What advice would you give to your own 10 year younger self?

Enjoy your life to the fullest.

Try to look left and right all the time. Do something else than just VC, like physically, some sort of handcraft work.

What advice would you give to VCs fundraising?

Know how to pitch your VC and get expert help.

What is the most counterintuitive thing you've learned since you've started investing in venture?

Sometimes it really pays out way more when you reinvent an old idea which is already in place, than invent something new which has no use.

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