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GP/LP Roundtable on The State of European VC Fundraising

There’s nothing like riding a bull. But neither is there anything quite like being thrown off it. This roundtable is dedicated to help you navigate your fundraise through the tech reset.

In this roundtable, we pull the curtain back on some of the core insights from our upcoming State of European VC Fundraising-report and dive deep on the impact of the tech reset for fundraising managers, discuss GP/LP dynamics and uncover how VCs best navigate the current fundraising environment.

For the conversation, we brought together some of the most respected investors in our ecosystem:

And to moderate the whole thing; Tom Hughes Ellis &’s Andreas Munk Holm.

Watch it here or add it to your episodes on Apple or Spotify 🎧

Get the full report before anyone else! 👀

Together with our good friends at Isomer Capital and Floww, we’ve spent the winter digging into 300+ interviews as well as the latest market data and Isomer Capital’s vaulted data treasures to uncover how the tech reset has impacted the fundraising market in Europe and how leading VCs across the continent have changed their strategies, tactics and operational handbook.

Filled with graphs, beautiful narratives and video interviews providing an entirely new and engaging experience, we’ve created an unparalleled learning experience you won’t just sift through, but actually spend real time with.

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