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Investing and scaling in Romania and beyond - CO-INVESTIN webinar

A discussion with the who's who on all things related to fundraising, investing, and scaling in Romania and beyond.

In our webinar, "Investing and Scaling in Romania and Beyond," we delve into the dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), placing a special emphasis on Romania. We celebrate the region's remarkable technical prowess and its rich engineering history, exploring how countries across CEE navigate the complexities of fostering startups that are global in their aspirations right from inception.

The webinar happed as part of the CO-INVESTIN project, an EU funded project to connect our beautiful European investment ecosystems while strengthening transparency and inclusion across the ecosystem ✊.

The Panelists

Watch it above or on Apple/Spotify for a discussion on:

  • 00:26 The Venture Ecosystem in CEE

  • 04:56 Romania's Flourishing Ecosystem: Insights and Success Stories

  • 07:34 The Technical Talent and Entrepreneurial Mindset in Romania

  • 09:37 Challenges and Opportunities for Romanian Startups

  • 12:51 Investor Perspectives: The Appeal of Romanian Startups

  • 17:27 The UiPath Effect: A Catalyst for Romanian Innovation

  • 23:05 The Global Impact of Romanian Startups and the UiPath Legacy

  • 29:40 Investment Strategies and Considerations in CEE

  • 34:06 Investment Trends and Pricing in the Startup Ecosystem

  • 37:42 Local vs. Global: Startup Challenges in the CEE Region

  • 40:07 Unique Challenges of Building Startups in CEE

  • 41:23 The Role of Engineering Culture in Startup Success

  • 43:24 The Critical Need for More Capital in the Ecosystem

  • 55:16 Addressing Diversity and Gender Gaps in Tech

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