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NEUVC Special Series: Martin Krag on rising to partner in four years, firm culture & coaching courage.

NEUVC Special Series: Martin Krag on rising to partner in four years, firm culture & coaching courage.

Say hi to this special series featuring insightful discussions, hosted by the rockstar duo Freddie Macpherson (Isomer) & Linda Võeras (Karma), who will unveil how VC superpowers are built & honed🎙️

We are thrilled to share with you the first episode of the NEUVC Podcast Series, a special limited edition podcast dedicated to those embarking on and advancing their journey in the venture capital industry.

This series features insightful discussions hosted by the rockstar duo Freddie Macpherson, analyst at Isomer Capital, and Linda Võeras, associate at Karma Ventures 🎙️🔥

The series aims to unveil how the superpowers necessary to become a great VC can be discovered, developed and leveraged for success in the VC world.

To provide a well-rounded perspective, the series includes conversations with a diverse group of industry experts, including managing partners, recruiters, principals, and marketing specialists. Their varied viewpoints offer listeners a comprehensive understanding of how to improve their skills and effectiveness in the venture capital sector.

Watch the teaser below 👀 below that the very first episode with Martin Krag from byFounders

In our first episode of the series, say hi to Martin Krag 👋

Martin Krag is a partner at byFounders, a seed fund looking to back the best tech founders in the new Nordics. We spoke to Martin to hear how he rose to partner in four years, the firm culture and coaching the courage to do so, and, of course, his own secret sauce of excellence 🚀

00:00:00 - Introduction of Martin, Investment Focus, and Impact Mandate
00:01:52 - Incentive alignment and portfolio assistance
00:03:24 - Joining a Startup Venture Capital Firm
00:04:44 - The importance of decisiveness for VCs
00:06:07 - Using Analysts for Understanding Spaces and Sectors
00:07:43 - Progression and Responsibility Levels
00:09:17 - The Importance of Curiosity and Quick Learning
00:10:41 - Finding Focus and Prioritizing
00:12:09 - Balancing Networking and Board Responsibilities
00:13:35 - The Fluid Partnership with Founders and Career Development
00:15:09 - Building a Strong Team and Defined Roles
00:16:42 - Calibrating New Hires for Long-Term Aspirations
00:18:04 - Transparency and Core Values in VC Industry
00:19:39 - Career Progression and Future at the Fund
00:21:18 - The Responsibility of Partners and Youngsters in Investment Decisions
00:22:40 - Avoidable Mistakes made by Junior VC Team
00:24:29 - Being Patient and Calibrating Before Making Decisions
00:25:58 - The Perspective of a Poker Player-Investor
00:27:30 - Dreaming with the Founders
00:28:57 - Diversifying Experience in the VC Industry
00:30:42 - Choosing between being a VC or Founder
00:32:19 - The Challenges of Being a VC
00:34:14 - Building a Fund and Firm
00:36:15 - Experience and Bad Judgment

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